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MATRIX C++ Object Oriented Programming

Download the .exe and run it, the video shown here is not good enough.

Don't execute it as window, but in full screen text mode (press Alt+Enter while running as a window). As a window maybe doesn't run well enough to get you absorted looking those green falling chars.

This program was written in June, 2nd, 2002 while I was studying programming.

I used Borland Turbo C++ v.3.0

Now I'm a web developer. One day in January 2009 I found the .exe file and I still really like to see those falling chars, so I decide to upload the program and the source code to my webpage.

Fatal mistaken, I can't find the source!! I guess It was lost in a hard disk failure, I have searched all over my CDs but I didn't found it.

I was so happy when I found the .exe, so I recorded a video of its running and post it at and uploaded to my webpage. Then I was angry not to found the source!!

People who have viewed the video, are interested in the source code, and have asked me for it, thus I thought something to make then quite happy.

I just have wrote a new MATRIX, this time in javascript!!

I remember the way I reached the nice effect in MATRIX.exe and I have tuned it into javascript, so here you are

Sorry and thank you all,

Jose Carlos Cruz Parra AKA internia


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Una sencilla reproducción de las famosas columnas de caracteres cayendo de la película Matrix. Está escrita en C++ con Turbo C y se visualiza en modo texto.

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